Laser-Assisted Weight Loss

Program Elements

This weight loss and control program is founded on solid medical understanding of the factors which contribute to the development of obesity and provides you with state of the art information and techniques to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Please read, understand and comply with each element of the program and success will follow.

Recently we introduced a low-level laser which is used to reduce cravings which so often lead patients to ‘self-sabotage’ their weight loss efforts. The procedure is painless and uses time-honoured acupuncture points to produce the desired effect.

First Visit

The purpose of the medical intake is to gather as much information as is necessary to understand the factors which contribute to your weight problem and the medical issues which we must take into consideration as we design your program. You will be asked to purchase a kitchen scale in order to weigh your portions. Once you have achieved your target weight, you will have developed a ‘visual’ memory of the approximate weight of certain foods and the scale will no longer be necessary.

Rapid Weight Loss

It is critical that you attend clinic regularly as instructed in order to provide you with the appropriate feedback and medical treatment necessary to maximize the effectiveness of the program. You will be weighed, our staff will review your food diary and you will receive the necessary injections. You will also be provided with prescriptions necessary to maximize the effectiveness of the program and to assure that the weight loss is occurring safely.


Maintenance visits are required to assure that you receive the appropriate support and advice to help control your weight in the long run. You will be asked to attend clinic twice weekly for 3 months and then once weekly thereafter. We will ask you to engage in a regular exercise regime which will be targeted to your particular situation.