Are you considering a Cosmetic or Elective Medical Procedure?

LASERMED™ can help you through CMC Creditmedical Corporation

Now You Can Afford To Be Your Best

Credit Medical offers you immediate & affordable access to your desired elective medical procedure. Avoid the stress of high upfront costs.

Fast and Easy Credit Approval

Just fill in their application (available at Lasermed’s office) or online. If you have an established credit rating, approval is virtually assured. Consignor applications are welcome.


Credit Medical representatives are experienced and dedicated to answer your questions and guide you through the lending process.

Financing Flexibility

Borrow the full or partial amount. Loans are arranged for a minimum of $1000. Interest rates are competitive and remain constant throughout the term of your loan. Payment terms range from 6 months to 4 years.

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  • » Fast and Easy Credit Approval
  • » No Down Payment
  • » No Collateral
  • » Confidential
  • » Competitive Interest Rates
  • » Flexible Terms