Laser Hair Removal


LaserMed™ has been providing permanent hair reduction treatments for well over a decade under the medical supervision of Dr. Pinto. Our experience and emphasis on safety have made us Caledon’s premier laser clinic and we continue to strive to be your preferred destination. Our goal is to provide maximal effectiveness and safety for all skin types.

How does it work?

Light is engineered to be absorbed by the dark pigment found in the hair shaft below the surface of the skin. As the light penetrates the skin, it is absorbed by the hair shaft causing it to be permanently damaged. 

Is it safe?

As with all procedures, we require that all our clients attend a full consultation session in order to understand not only the benefits, but also the possible, albeit-uncommon side effects. With over 25 years of experience in the field of medical aesthetics, LaserMed provides you with the professionalism and know-how to make the procedure safe and comfortable. 

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