What is it?

Sculptra is a bio-compatible, bio-degradable synthetic polymer which stimulates your own collagen-producing cells to produce more collagen. Sculptra is derived from Poly-L-lactic which has been used in the form of dissolvable sutures by surgeons for many years.

Is it Safe?

When injected into the skin it stimulates ‘Fibroblasts’ (the cells that produce collagen) to produce more of your very own collagen. The effect is NOT immediately visible as is the case with fillers. Instead, your own collagen slowly builds up over the subsequent several weeks.

Sculptra is gradually broken down to water and carbon dioxide but the newly-formed collagen can last up to 2 years.

It is best used to for ‘de-sagging’, re-volumizing and re-juvenating aged skin. Cheeks and temples can be augmented and jaw line sharpened to produce a more youthful appearance. It can also be used in certain other areas on the face but NOT to correct tear troughs or lip deflation.

Several weeks after the injection, the skin is left more rejuvenated, smoother, tighter and refreshed.

Is it Safe?

Sculptra is generally a very safe procedure. It is not recommended for individuals with a history of multiple severe allergies or anyone allergic to any of the components. Most common side effects include swelling and bruising. Rarely, persistent nodules have been reported.

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