Vascular Laser


The perfect tool for the treatment of stubborn facial blood vessels (broken capillaries) and certain types of facial pigment irregularities. Whether because of Rosacea or due to the cumulative effects of sun damage or aging, dilated blood vessels and sun spots can detract from ideal skin tones. Some types of visible blood vessels which may be closed with laser.

LaserMed™ offers the DioLite™ 532 laser treatment for vascular and pigmented lesions and the removal of skin blemishes.

What is a Vascular Laser?

A laser uses specific light frequencies engineered to deliver the appropriate amount of energy to the dilated blood vessel. This results in the blood vessel ‘welding shut’ so as to redirect blood flow to deeper vessels. The result is an overall improvement  in the appearance of the skin.

Is it Safe?

In the hands of a trained and experienced physician, lasers are safe. In spite of this, because unpredictable events can occur, Dr. Pinto insists on thorough consultations prior to procedure being performed.

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